About us

INTERHYGIENE was founded in 1994. INTERHYGIENE develops and distributes biocides for 27 years. INTERHYGIENE is your specialist for hygiene products. For veterinary practices, farmers, small animal keepers and food production. For conventional farming and ecological farming. The company is an independent family business with production facilities in Germany.

We are performing comprehensive microbiological resp. toxicological tests on our products during their development. INTERHYGIENE has always followed the strict pharmaceutical guidelines (GMP) to establish a quality assurance system. This ensures that all ingredients and our products will be tested accordingly. A batch-based documentation and backtracking to the customer are assured

The smart formulations of our products provide the best possible efficacy while they are safe to use and have low impact on the environment. “A lot helps a lot” is not our motto! We aim for a low content of active ingredients while using an excellent combination of active substances with high efficacy. INTERHYGIENE prepares comprehensive dossiers for the authorization of products within the EU and other countries.

Fair prices
INTERHYGIENE delivers from Finland to South Africa, from Taiwan to Ecuador. Large quantities and a wide product range enable us to produce inexpensively. You will profit from that as well! We remain at your disposal!

Please give us a call. We will be happy to help you. You don’t have to dial seven different numbers to reach your contact person here at INTERHYGIENE!
We are looking forward to you!

Office hours:

Mon. – Thur. 7.30 am – 4.30 pm, Fri. 7.30 am – 3.30 pm