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We are at your service!

INTERHYGIENE was founded in 1994 after taking over production, development and marketing of a range of disinfectants and insecticides with the know-how for decades from TAD Pharmazeutisches Werk, Cuxhaven, Germany.

What's your profit?

During INTERHYGIENE´s development programmes, all products undergo
extensive microbiological and toxicological testing. Throughout the process all quality control and safety tests are performed in strict accordance with the European Pharmaceutical Guidelines (GMP). This means, that all raw materials, as well as the finished products have been subject to the same rigorous testing, guaranteeing the client receives products whose manufacturing history is fully traceable.

The ingenious formulations offer you highest possible efficacy, combined with convenient product application and low environmental impact. “A little helps a lot“ is our motto! Each product is formulated to use as little active ingredient as possible for the greatest effect; the efficacy of INTERHYGIENE´s products is achieved through the excellent combination of active ingredients.

INTERHYGIENE is your specialist. We concentrate entirely on disinfectants, insecticides and other hygiene products used in the animal husbandry and foodstuff production industries. Therefore, we are able to give you, your employees and clients optimal advice about the use of our products.

Fair Prices
INTERHYGIENE supplies from Finland to South Africa, from Taiwan to Ecuador. Our wide range of products and high production volume allows us to minimize our production costs, therefore you profit too. We are at your service!

Do you have any questions?
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