Biocidal active substances

INTERHYGIENE prepares dossiers for the authorization of biocidal active substances within the EU or contributes to them. The authorizations are very comprehensive and require exact exposure scenarios to keep the impact of substances on humans, animals and environment as low as possible. This is also valid for biological active substances.

Customers expect high efficacy from these substances e. g. against animal diseases. Tests according to European norms and field trials are mandatory to prove the efficacy. The goal is maximum efficacy at minimum exposure.

INTERHYGIENE submitted their own dossier for authorization of formaldehyde as a biocidal active substance for PT 3 (veterinary hygiene). INTERHYGIENE owns the rights to access the data of the dossier and is listed as supplier according to Article 95. Within the EU this is the prerequisite for using the active substance or for adding the substance to a biocidal product.


For disinfection of surfaces in animal houses and of hoofs

INTER® FORMALDEHYD complies with the active substance
approval as a biocide (PT 3)

  1. INTERHYGIENE is supplier according to Article 95 of the Biocide Directive (PT 3).
  2. INTER® FORMALDEHYD contains less than 1% of methanol which is below the permitted maximum content of 7%.
  3. INTER® FORMALDEHYD complies with the criteria of the active substance approval as it contains 37% of formaldehyde where a range of 25% – 55.5% is allowed.
  4. INTER® FORMALDEHYD is registered with the German competent authority BAUA: N-43977 (PT 3)

All of the criteria mentioned above are necessary to use formaldehyde within the area of the EU



  • 30 kg canister
  • 120 kg barrel
  • 1000 kg IBC
  • 23000 kg by tanker

Are you a formulator? We can offer you a letter of access according to Biocide Directive (EU) 528 / 2012 in connection with the purchase of INTER® FORMALDEHYD.

Use biocides safely. Always read label and product information before use.

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