Art.No. Packing unit
69001D 10 x 1-litre-bottles
Z0107 dosage pump (3 ml per lift)

For hygienic hand disinfection

  • Alcoholic rub-in product for fast disinfection without water
  • Avoids the spreading of bacteria (incl. salmonella), fungi and lipophilic viruses
  • Confirmed effectiveness against bacteria and fungi according to the European norm (EN 1500), Dr. Tenner, Chorin, 03.03.2006
  • Confirmed effectiveness against salmonella enteritidis and salmonella thyphimurium according to the European norm (EN 1276), Dr. Tenner, Chorin, 04.05.2007
  • skin nurturing by greasing substances
  • Active agent basis: Ethanol
  • baua Reg.-Nr.: N-17183 (PT1)

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.