Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

Are you looking for a manufacturer who can produce and pack your biocides and cleaning products? Would you like to outsource a part of your production temporarily?

INTERHYGIENE knows that seasonal sales peaks require a flexible production. INTERHYGIENE is able to produce, pack and label large quantities of your products in time. With the experience of 27 years! With batch sizes of 500 to 15,000 kg. With pack sizes of 100 ml to 1,000 kg. Depending on the product we can also source the raw materials. We include testing raw materials and products as well as the documentation according to pharmaceutical guidelines.

INTERHYGIENE produces e. g. disinfectants for industrial use, for food production and agriculture as well as for hospitals. INTERHYGIENE is also your contact partner with regard to biocides intended to be used against algae, for drinking water disinfection and insecticides.


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