Art.No. Packing unit
17010D 10-kg-canister
17200D 200-kg-EW-barrel

The highly concentrated special product against roundworm eggs, coccidial oocysts, bacteria, fungi and viruses

  • listed by DVG (German Veterinary Society) against parasitic protozoa and parasitic worms (13th list of 01.01.2021)
  • efficacy against viruses, bacteria and fungi confirmed by independent experts according to EN norms
  • concentrate
  • listed by IHO (01.04.2021)
  • active ingredient: p-Chloro-m-Kresol
  • baua-Reg.-Nr.: N-27865 (PT 3)

Microbiological assessment:

Range of effectivenessTest methodDilutionExposure time
Parasitic worms**DVG +20°C2.5%2 hours
Parasitic protozoa**DVG +20°C2.5%2 hours
Bacteria*EN 1656 ,EN 14349/hc/ +10°C0.5%30 minutes
Fungi (Yeast)*EN 1657, EN 16438 hc/+10°C0.5%30 minutes
Mycobacteria*EN 14204/ hc/ +10°C1.0%30 minutes
Viruses*EN 14675/ lc/ +10°C3.0%30 minutes
VirusesEN 14675/ lc/ +20°C1.5%2 hours

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.